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Disadvantages of Selling Your Surplus Assets At Auction

Sometimes, equipment items  are “passed in” on auction day and, despite the owner still intending to sell over the coming weeks, it can upset or eliminate some potential buyers.
Bidding is a fickle process and if, for whatever reason, bidding is slow, this can send an incorrect message about the true value of the asset.
Some potential buyers don’t like the competitive nature and immediacy of the auction process and won’t even bid.
Now that auctions are highly regulated, many sites require that buyers must formally register. Some potential buyers may not like this process and will not sign up.
Marketing and advertising campaigns for auctions can be quite intense, which can be put potential buyers off.
If you are in a hurry to sell, an auction offers the best chance of selling by a specific date, but there is no guarantee the machine will sell or that you will receive the price you desire.
Auctions don’t always necessarily offer you the best sale price, as the winning person only needs to bid marginally higher than their competitors. You’ll never be sure that they offered the maximum amount they were willing to pay.
Most machinery agent auction contracts provide the agency with sole selling rights until the auction and then for a period of time afterwards. This then locks the seller in with one agency for a defined period of time. In the event your machine does get “passed in”, it’s a good idea to prepare for this by only giving the agency a specific period of time to retain exclusive selling rights after the auction (one month, for example).

Why Is A Better Solution For Selling Your Surplus Assets

Our website gives sellers a unique opportunity to sell your surplus assets to likemined industry professionals who may have a use for your machine after you have taken it out of production. Fish processing machinery from the major manufacturers has an unbeleivable resale value when sold on to a fellow processor or end user. We regularly see 20 year old machines still sell for 50% of their original value. Our cost effective selling packages allow you to stay in contol of the sale of your assets. No contracts, no middle men, no comissions only an opportunity to get the best possilble price for your surplus machinery items.

If you are having trouble finding the right price for your equipment, please contact us we offer a FREE asset valuation service if you post your equipment to