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A Good Photo Tells A Thousand Words

Its time to get out the power washer, soap and get that machine scrubbed up. It does not take long to do and could make the difference betweeen selling and not selling.

Here is our checklist before posting your machinery.

1. Take the machine outside or into a well lit area of your plant so you have access to the complete machine

2. Take off any covers for the machine so you can see inside ( except the electrical box )

3. Cover up any electrical boxes with plastic or ideally keep them behind their covers.

4. Give the machine a good clean, inside and out. Think of it as your favourite sports car ( you know it could be worth as much as one )

5. Get everything else out of the photo, clear the area, put the machine outside or beside a white wall.The photo will look amazing if you do it here !

6. Get some good shots, inside and out, take many more than you need to post to the site as your potential buyer might want to see more when they get in contact.

7. Look out any doccumentation you have with the machine, manuals, drawings etc. Also if you have a copy of the original invoice and EUR1 Certificate this will be very useful if you are planning to export the machine.

Good Luck !!

If you need any further advice please contact us at [email protected]