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Baader 142 Gutting MachineGuide Price £50,000Report This

  • Condition: View Help Guide
  • Type: Gutting Machines For Salmon
  • Manufacturer: Baader
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Seller: Register to View
  • Year: 1998

The Baader 142 is designed for gutting salmon, sea trout and coho with an overall length from 1,3 - 11 kg, head on or head off.  The fish to be processed is loaded manually. A powerful tail clip makes for a gentle transport of the fish.  Electronic measurements and computation of the position of the cuts on the fish. This machine performs a perfect mechanical princess cut. Combined suction devices and throat cutting tools collect and take in the guts. The throat is separated from inside the head while the gills are completely retained on the fish.

All units which are required for the operation of the Baader 142, such as vacuum pump, cyclone and inspection belts, are available from Baader as well.

Capacity:  16 fish/min

Water consumption: 10 L/min

Power consumption: 4 kW

Weight (net/gross): 2935/3265 kg

Completed with vacuum system and storage tanks

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