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Carnitech IPS 3000 Party Pack Slicer£25,000Report This

  • Condition: View Help Guide
  • Type: Salmon Slicing Machines, Party Pack Slicers
  • Manufacturer: Carnitech
  • Country: Scotland
  • Seller: Register to View
  • Year: 2010

The IPS 3000 system is a complete solution for an automatic and efficient production of sliced salmon in party packs for the retail business. With laser detection of the fillets, you will achieve an accuracy on the final product which has never been reached before.

The laser vision system measures the volume and thereby the size of the fillet. With this data combined with inweigh data the build in cpu calculates the cutting profile to meet the specifications of the final product.

How it works
Skinless fillets are fed on to the preweighing scale. The optimum temperature for slicing depends on the fillet texture, but it is normally between -4° and +4° C.

After the weighing the fillets are dropped on the infeed conveyor below the scale and into the vision scanner. The cpu will calcu- late how to slice each fillet in order to reach the exact predefined weight of each slice, or to reach a certain weight of each board.
During the slicing process the angle of the knive is altered automatically in an interval between 8° and 30° giving a slice thickness between 2-4 mm.

Each slice is placed gently on to the board according to the pre- ferred number of slices or weight of the board. The distance from the first and last slice to the board edges can be predefined. With this feature you can get the slices adjusted to the window of the packaging foil.
Because of the high accuracy of the slice weight and the precise placing of the slices on the board very few boards needs to be handled when they leave the outfeed conveyor. Thereby the risk of bacteria contamination is reduced significantly. The capacity of a single unit is app. 75 kg/h based on 25 g slice weight and 1,1 kg fillets.

Capacity up to 75 kg/h
Cutting angle 8° - 30°
Slice thickness 2-4 mm
Product Temperature -4° to +4° C.
Power 3,1 kW

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