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Trio FDS 105Guide Price £30,000Report This

  • Condition: View Help Guide
  • Type: Skinning Machines, Freeze Drum Skinning Machine
  • Manufacturer: Trio
  • Country: Scotland
  • Seller: Register to View
  • Year: 2010

FDS105 is a new skinning machine developed for both deep and shallow skinning of all types of fish.

The machine operates on the well known Trio FDS skinning system. The skin “freezes”
to a cold drum. A rotating band knife slices the fish fillet from the skin at the preset
depth. The fillet falls down on the outfeed conveyor and the skin is scraped off the
drum and transported away from the machine. The thickness or depth of the skinning is
easily adjusted.

The unique “freezing” method which holds the fish fillet while skinning, ensures that
there is no strain on the fillet or skin and allows the possibility for skinning fish fillets
with soft meat or weak skin and thin skin.
Advantages of the new machine
>New, sturdy knife section for accurate and reliable skinning
> Easier and faster cleaning
>Less maintenance
>Increased protection from water spray on the refrigeration and electrical power systems
>Compact size
>Increased yield by 1-2%
The machine has an integrated cooling system with indirect cooling.

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